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Since 2005
About us

Tauheed marked its footprints in the global leather market in the fall of 2005. We currently are operating in three units , with main production being handled in the manga,Raiwind unit. recenltly Tauheed has achieved gold standard in the LWG audit.

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Since 2005

We produce one million sqft of finished leather per month in eco freindly environment with latest machineries and professional labour.

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Since 2005
Corporate Social Responsibilities

We believe in green technology and thereby abide fully to the standards of CSR.

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Cow Leather

Goat Leather

Sheep Leather

Research & Development

In House Testing

We strive to deliver with the best quality control and assurance, for that we carry out physical tests and also have a lab for wet-end and finishing department each.

The testing capabilities of tauheed range up to fat contents, baloon test, PH test, active matter, chemical oxygen demond (cod), total dissolved solids (tds) and toxic shock syndrome ( tss) etc.


The finishing department maestros ensure the impeccable quality of leather through a variety of tests such as crocking test( dry/wet), abrasion test, adhesion test, water repellent test (w/r), etc.

Certifications & Essentials